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Custom Glass Shelves


Finally a true floating glass shelf is on the market.

Find out how SHELFORIA can greatly enhance your business.


Find out more about the Claruso Vue. “Claruso” is our word for clear. Our invisibleglass shelf is made out of the highest quality low-iron glass. Not only are our floating glass shelves clear, we designed the Claruso to hang on the wall with invisible glass shelf brackets. Ours is the first shelf to put all the attention on the products and not the shelf itself.
The curve is our modern circle shape shelf. Add class and elegance to any room with this beautiful, quality made shelf. You can feel the quality in the glass when you pick it up, and the beveled rim adds a layer of depth that is just stunning when lit beautifully.
“Mirazen” is our mirrored product. This beautiful shelf available in both beveled edge or framed with your choice of custom frame provides a touch of elegance to any setting. Not only do your treasured get displayed, they get reflected too.
The Mirazen Curve, as with the other Signature Series models, this comes etched beautifully with our designers signature and has a beautiful blue suede backing. Have heavier objects? That is OK, our glass shelf supports a lot of weight! Check out our video here showing us test the weight in our shop.
The Colper by McLemore is our value brand. Available in high quality acrylic our Colper line is perfect for the bathroom, kids room as well as restaurants and bards. The stunning thing about the Colper is it can be fitted with LED lights to create an awesome branded one of a kind display for your establishment. You can see it in this video.
The Bantam Series is our miniature series, designed for interior designers, hotel decorators and any one looking to add a small touch of elegance or perhaps a series of wall fixtures to add romance and mystery to a location. See some pictures here.
If you are looking for a custom glass shelf fixture for your retail store, bar or any business that has products on display our Shelforia is perfect for you. Allow us to create you a completely custom Shelforia with our patented floating shelves placed in the pattern of your choosing. Have fun with shelving, this is  floating shelves DIY!


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